Uber. Uber cool

It’s not every day I go out without having the keys to my car in my bag due to nearly always being on call for NSRI but for one of the first times in a few months I had an awards evening I was attending and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be driving. Needless to say I had heard about Uber a few months ago and with Uber Cape Town starting to operate in the Mother City, it was a chance to use this service.

Bonus: The car was already waiting at the venue after the evening and after party, which cut down waiting time.

How it worked?

Step 1-ish: Being my first time using Uber, the driver, after opening the doors and showing all the passengers into the vehicle, gave me a quick tutorial on the application. As we were already in the car, I had to click on my location where I needed to be picked up. Once that was done, you as the passenger request pick-up by the car. As the driver was already there, we cut out the waiting time but if the car isn’t there, the app will give you an ETA on arrival of the vehicle.

Uber Cape Town

*Earlier on in the evening, we had an issue with Excite taxi’s who quoted us 25 mins to pick-up. Time continued to go by, and by, and by and eventually after now being late and with no driver or time in site, we cancelled them.

Step 2 and a bit: You should then receive a message saying the Uber car will be arriving shortly. I checked the application again and it was now updated to who my driver is and the vehicle make and registration. I find this a nice feature as you know what vehicle to look out for along with the safety aspect. The rest works how it should; the driver picks you up, you go via McDonalds drive-through at 02:00 and get dropped off at your location. Okay, maybe not the McDonalds drive-through shenanigans at 2am but we had a driver with extreme patience and seemed to enjoy our humour. He also got out of the drivers seat to open all our doors despite us being fully capable of doing so

Uber driver confirmation

Uber driving

Payment: Once you’ve been dropped off at your location, the bill is shown to you on the drivers phone, which so easily comes off your credits and / or debit or credit card which takes away the worries of always having cash on you. You then receive a very detailed receipt reporting distance traveled, map of the route you were driven, pick-up and drop-off points, duration, average speed of the vehicle and the cost.


Lastly you rate the service you were given when you log on the next time.

Overall, a really good service with a very good experience. I’ll definitely be using Uber again


Carer For Newborns (Maxine’s Daycare)

For those in need…

Your surrogate granny/mom/aunty/sister.

21 years experience as a Daymother. I will come to your home and look after your newborn while you catch up with your sleep, recuperate from your birth and adjust to your new circumstances.

I can also help you with the transition from breast to bottle feeding.

I am reliable, punctual, honest and most importantly nurturing to both mother and child.

Call Maxine
072 2422 461

#SaatchiGoodsMarket For Mandela Day

We at Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town are having a #SaatchiGoodsMarket on Mandela Day, next Thursday 18th July. All proceeds going to Breadline Africa.
What will we be selling: Home made goods like cakes, cupcakes, quiche, boerie rolls and a lot more. 
What time: 12pm – 2pm 
Where: Saatchi & Saatchi foyer, The Foundry, Ebenezer road, Green Point: Link (http://goo.gl/maps/ozI2H)
Please pop on over, share with friends and family and see you here on the 18th July!

Now we all know I’m an NSRI volunteer and I love seeing the work released by Ogilvy who do the pro-bono work for Head Office. I have to say that still to this day, my favourite advert has been the JP Andrew ‘Always on Duty’ advert and have been waiting for the day when another advert with the similar mood, tone and fitting sound track was released.

And now we have ‘Sea Fever’ released last week by Velocity Films, NSRI and Ogilvy set to John Maserfield’s poem, Sea Fever. I love it. I love the use of Noah and Whales’ ‘First Day of Spring’ playing in the background. Just love. Even though I’m a volunteer, that first shot with the girl, is what I do; sit on the rocks or the beach, take in the ocean, ground myself and move on from there

We’re always on call, we really are. From 2am in the morning to in the middle of dinner with the crew at Hudsons or a breakfast at Newport or Alpha crew stepping onto the beach to play some touch rugby and then ‘beep beep’, it’s another nice reminder of why we love doing what we do.

Taste of Cape Town 2013

The Taste of Cape Town opened last night at the Green Point Cricket Club fields, next to the stadium and was happy to see a very good turnout for its first night. We got easy parking in the stadium for R20 and waddled quickly to the entrance to begin our foodgasm that is Taste of Cape Town.

A quick voyeur around the different restaurant tents in a nippy wind, it was time to get stuck into my first starter:

  • Norwegian Salmon & Avocado Tartare, Parmesan galette, Ikura caviar, soy-lime broth & micro herbs worth 4 crowns (the food currency) from Savour Restaurant at 15 on Orange Hotel.
Norwegian Salmon
Starter was delicious so obviously the next step was mains:
  • 24hr-braised lam breast, Parmesan polenta & smoked tomato jus worth 8 crowns from Dash Restaurant & Bar. This was goooooood.
Dash restaurant
I had an extra dish after waiting for Societi Bistro’s power to come back on. Perseverance was key and after returning on the third time, the mushroom risotto was ready for us to have. Bonus points to the guy who gave us 2 portions for waiting so long and returning over and over again.
My friend had a great dessert from Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace. Their menu was great last year and this year didn’t disappoint.
  • Caramelia cremeaux hazelnut crunch, pear, marshmallow & pear crumble ice cream
The rest of the evening saw me appropriate a show guide from a dustbin, some beer tasting in the Craft Beer tent, wine tasting, buying all of Decadent Dani’s macaroon stock, Queen of Tarts and spending 10 minutes deciding whether we should get a waffle. We didn’t.

Highly recommend you go to Taste of Cape Town 2013. Open until this Sunday.

The Bruise: Day 2

When someone tells you it’s not ideal for you to play soccer, one should listen.

But I thought, because its a charity event, it cancels out all potential harm waiting for me.

The first game and a big tackle later, I have been hobbling and at times, falling and crawling around.

It’s turning a dark brown currently. This could be interesting to watch.

What shall I call it?


Hockey: The Investec Challenge in Cape Town

Thanks to Investec, Cape Town got to witness fantastic International hockey matches, during the Investec Four-Nations Challenge held at Hartleyvale in Observatory.

The likes of world number 1 and Olympic gold medalists, the Netherlands, England (world number 4 & Olympic bronze medalists), Australia (6) and our hard-working Investec South Africa team who are ranked at 11 took part in round-robin matches. The South African ladies opened their road to the final campaign with a cracking 4 – 1 win over England. The next day they took on Australia, which was a very tight game, ending in a 1 – 1 draw. With a days break, Thursday saw Investec South Africa take on Netherlands but the world number 1 was just too good for us and we went down 3 – 1. The loss put us up against Australia in the semi-final where hockey legend, Pietie Coetzee put away 2 goals for Investec SA to head to the finals against the Netherlands after we beat Australia 2 – 1.

Sunday’s atmosphere at Hartleyvale was superb with many supporters coming through to watch the final between Investec SA and Ned. The SA ladies fought a really hard game but couldn’t convert on the many chances we had. After going down 2 – 0 at half-time, SA fought back to a 3-2 score, up until the final seconds where Netherlands sealed their gold medal making it 4 – 2. It was really a fantastic tournament, which we can thank Investec for and I really hope we see more International series and tournaments visit our shores. The past week was a huge boost for hockey and showing the teams (women and men), that the supporters are behind them.

Pictures from the week…

Investec SA hockey ladies 1

Investec SA hockey

Investec SA hockey ladies cape town

Investec SA hockey ladies

England hockey ladies

Investec South Africa ladies score

Investec South Africa ladies